Tina Turner singing Simply The Best at Your party wouldn't that be Awesome?

Help Us Create the Perfect Singing Telegram For You

There are so many situations in life which contribute to who we are and how we got to where we are today. The more we know about your ‘Guest of Honour’ the more we can get the ‘Creative Juices’ flowing to create the perfect singing telegram.

 We endeavour to deliver a professional and entertaining singing telegram to our clients every time but you know more about your guest of honour than we do. So that we can create the maximum effect all that we ask is that you help us to help you.

 So What’s in a Singing Telegram?

  • Some of Their Embarrassing Moments
  • Their Likes and Dislikes
  • Some Funny Stories About Them
  • Nicknames or Alias’s
  • Their Good or Bad Habits
  • Humorous Childhood Stories
  • Funny Work Related Incidents
  • Eating and Drinking Habits
  • Any Humorous Driving Stories
  • Funny Sayings or Repetitive Words They Use
  • Their Personality type: Shy, Outgoing, Aggressive, Joker
  • Pet Stories
  • Embarrassing or Memorable Holiday Moments
  • Their Spouses Names and Length of Time Married
  • Their Future Dreams and Aspirations
  • Your Personal Message to Them
  • Who the Telegram is From
  • Your Relationship to the Victim
  • How They Met Their Future Bride/Groom (Buck’s and Hen’s Parties)
  • Anything Funny or Interesting About our Guest of Honour…
  • We Can Also Read Out a Special Message Especially from You!


Groovy Baby...Get Austin Powers Man of Mystery to create a Shagadelic scene at your party...Yeah Baby!Celebrity Grams – Awesome Party Entertainment:

Our singing and novelty telegrams are all about making sure everyone has a memorable event. 


Our celebrities and novelty telegrams sing a song or do a dance or two as well as singing Happy Birthday if it is a Birthday celebration and present a box of chocolates a bottle of bubbly, read out your very own personal  telegram and present a copy to our guest of honour.

Celebrity Grams looks forward to creating the perfect party or function experience for you because we bring the stars to your place.

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