Elvis Comes To Capalabah

Maries 55th Birthday at her House

The King Elivis Presley

It’s not often that Elvis comes to town but on this occasion there was more then one! Elvis Presley was Marie’s hero and they had decided to have an Elvis themed Birthday party.
Elvis music complete with jukebox, Elvis pictures on the walls a life size Elvis cut out and almost everyone dressed as Elvis in many different eras.
Marie couldn’t believe her eyes and ears, the Elvis overture began to play and a back announcement began…I celebration of Maries 55th Birthday could you please welcome Elvis Presley…ish!

Elvis entered Marie’s living room singing Teddy Bear and she immediately jumped up and threw her arms around her idol. He presented her with gifts, Chocolates and Champagne and then read out a telegram which was beautiful and from the heart, Elvis had her husband (also dressed as Elvis) hold her hand while this was read out.
Then came the medley of love songs to which Marie and her husband Bill both danced to with tears in their eyes and the performance ended with Viva Las Vegas which had the entire party on they’re feet dancing. What a fun evening and what a special surprise.


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Marilyn Monroe

Wows Him For His 70th Birthday

For John Cartwrights 70th Birthday Rydges High Tea- Southbank Brisbane 8th June 2013 It was Johns 70th Birthday and his family and friends had flown in from all over Australia for his special Day, it was a Saturday afternoon and the surprise party was held very elegantly at The Rydges in Southbank where high tea was also being served.
This was definitely a Birthday surprise that John would never forget, as well as having his family and many old friends that he had not seen in many years at the party he was about to get an even BIGGER SURPRISE .
The family had already met Marilyn outside and told them what John was wearing and where in the restaurant he was sitting, before quietly going back into the celebration leaving John none the wiser. Of course the many balloons and tables of gifts were a dead give away, John was having a wonderful time and it was about to get even better!!

Marilyn entered the room with a total element of surprise singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”, John did’nt know who had booked the performance but he knew he was special. The chocolates and bottle of bubbly were thankfully received and then she read out the personal telegram that had been written especially for John from information that his family had previously supplied, it was funny and also very personal with a message at the end from his wife of many years, it was at this point that John wept a few tears and Marilyn presented him a copy of the telegram.

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