Get an Elvis Presley Telegram to Your Next Party or EventWould You Like a Celebrity at Your Next Party?


Celebrity Grams has an incredible range of celebrity and humorous novelty telegrams to choose from. Our professional team of performers come to perform at your celebration no matter how large or small anytime, any place anywhere. Our service demographic is from the Tweed Region in New South Wales to the Ipswich Area north west of Brisbane and includes the Gold Coast and Brisbane Areas.

The celebrity and novelty performers of Celebrity Grams have had many years of experience in the entertainment industry and our mission is to bring you a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable party experience. You can help us by giving us enough time to create your singing telegram when you book and also by providing valuable input about the ‘victim’, sorry I meant Guest of Honour. Letting us know the tone of the telegram (Funny, Romantic, Rock, Country & Western, Crooner Ballad etc.) all contributes to getting it right on the night.


Marilyn Monroe will bring a touch of glamour to your party

What We Do at Celebrity Grams:

Firstly contact us to get a quote or simply make a booking by calling us on 1300 660 212, email us or fill in the form on our contact page.

As soon as you know your required date and time let us know so we can guarantee your preferred time as our telegrams are in high demand especially on the weekends.

Let us know who is receiving the Singing Telegram. 

If it’s a restaurant its always a good idea to call and let them know you have a Singing Telegram coming to make sure it all runs smoothly. 

All of our telegrams arrive with a total element of surprise, the less people you tell the better the surprise to help make your party or celebration a success. 

When filling out our telegram suggestions keep it simple, in point form or a short paragraph and let our professional team of writers do the rest. Please refer to our Create a Telegram page for more detailed suggestions on creating a great singing telegram. 

Please Note: Our performances are suitable for all age groups and venues, we have a strict no offense policy. Some of our performers use a portable battery operated PA system with microphones and backing tracks whilst others perform acapella it all depends on the situation and the effect required.




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